Gems of Araku

Tasting Notes

Bold, Maple Syrup, Chocolate

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Tasting Notes

Bold, Maple Syrup, Chocolate


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Gems of Araku India tasting notes: Bold, maple syrup, chocolate

Process: Natural

Altitude: 900-1100m

Varietal: Catuvai, S795, Sln5, SLN7, SLN9

Choose the ground option for filters or a cafetiere, the finely ground option for espresso or choose whole beans if you have your own grinder to freshly grind your coffee beans at home.

About the growers

The Araku valley is located in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh region of India and is populated by some of the oldest indigenous tribes in India. Traditionally a very poor area, the growing of high quality specialty coffee was introduced to the area (alongside improved education and help in setting up a cooperative) by the Nandi foundation as a means to try and improve the incomes of the local people. The result of all this work is that they now have 11000 members in the Araku valley region and within the organisation women are on the board of directors and receive equal pay. They also receive around four times the price for their coffee than they previously did and there is around 13000 acres of land being farmed under organic and biodynamic practices.