Cerro Las Ranas
El Salvador

Tasting Notes

Smooth, cocoa, caramel

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Tasting Notes

Smooth, cocoa, caramel

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Cerro Las Ranas El Salvador tasting notes: Smooth, cocoa, caramel

Process: Honey, Semi Washed

Altitude: 1450+m

Varietal: Bourbon, HSF, Pacamara, Pacas

Choose the ground option for filters or a cafetiere, the finely ground option for espresso or choose whole beans if you have your own grinder to freshly grind your coffee beans at home.

About the growers

The San Francisco Farm, one of the most significant estates of the JASAL group, does not only produce coffee, but also has a natural forest reserve which was donated to the National Forest Association of El Salvador with the purpose to preserve a beautiful habitat to many exotic plant and animal species. At the highest part of this reserve lies a one of a kind lagoon home to thousands of frogs that depending on the time of the year, you can see them jumping all at once in this lagoon. These frogs have not only become a part of the farm itself, but part of the JASAL group and family, symbolizing a culture of environmental help and preservation. Cerro Las Ranas is one of the specialty coffees that come from the San Francisco Farm that symbolizes these frogs, frog means ‘Ranas’ in Spanish and ‘Cerro’ means mountain or hill. The brand is recognized for its semi-washed process and specific chocolate notes that arise from the method and the mucilage left on the coffee bean before it dries on the patios.