Our Story

At Littlestone we wanted to start a coffee company that produced great tasting coffee that can be enjoyed by everyone. By working closely with our coffee bean suppliers we ensure that the green Arabica coffee beans we source are not only the highest quality but also both sourced ethically and sustainably.

These beans are then roasted by us in Exeter and delivered to you within days of being roasted to ensure that you get the very best coffee possible! We are a family run coffee company, which means the whole process is completed by our own fair hands, from roasting, to packing and sealing the bags ready for delivery. This means we are able to make sure each bag of coffee is produced to the same high standard.

Coffee Subscription

Our coffee subscription process is designed to give you the coffee that is most suited to how you like to drink it. Whether you like it roasted light or dark, ground or whole beans we are happy to oblige. We are not going to tell you that your coffee should only be enjoyed in a particular way. This is coffee for everyone, to be enjoyed at home, the office or wherever else you may fancy!

We are not afraid to try unusual coffees from non-traditional areas of the world on occasions so when you join our coffee subscription service keep an open mind!