Hand Roasted in Devon

Littlestone Coffee Roasters is a family run business in Exeter, Devon. Our ethos is simple – we are passionate about independent artisan produce, travel, the outdoors and of course, great-tasting coffee. When we started the business back in 2015, our mission was to create a product that we love, which is ethically and sustainably sourced and could be adapted to meet the tastes of all coffee lovers.

After a lot of hard work and several awards later, we truly love what we do, and we hope you will too!

  • Jack

    Jack is our head roaster and driving force behind our selection of only the finest Arabica beans. Coffee runs through his veins (literally on some days!) and he ensures our roasting is only ever completed by hand and in small batches. Roasting in this way means we always have a wide variety of green coffee beans from around the world ready to freshly roast for you. From light and fruity roasted coffee beans to medium/dark chocolatey notes, we have a coffee flavour for everyone.

    When not roasting coffee, Jack loves being somewhere outdoors and wild, whether that’s by the sea, on Dartmoor or up a mountain in the Alps – he’s happy! When found indoors Jack has a passion for food and loves finding new ingredients from around the South West to use in his delicious creations.

  • Chloe

    Chloe oversees all our customer interactions so she’s the person you’re most likely to speak to on the phone or meet at one of the many events we attend throughout the year. Chloe shares the same passion as Jack for great-tasting coffee and they are both very serious about minimising the impact Littlestone Coffee has on the planet. With this in mind, ensuring our product packaging can be placed in your recycling bin at home and that we reduce, re-use and recycle the resources we use has been a key focus for Chloe.

    Outside of work, Chloe enjoys baking, yoga, wildlife spotting, crafting and being part of her local community choir. She loves attempting new creative projects and has recently taken up knitting, which she fines very therapeutic and enjoys seeing each creation take shape. Sunday afternoons knitting away with Tiny the cat on her lap, and a cup of coffee beside her, Chloe is in her element.

  • Simon

    Simon is more of a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of a guy and so you won’t usually see him at events or at tasting sessions. As one of the kindest people we know, Simon is our constant inspiration when it comes to working with our suppliers to ensure the growers we source our coffee beans from our treated fairly. We all passionately believe in fair trade and the right for every person to receive a truly fair price for their product. That’s why we only use coffee beans that come from farms we know are part of an ethical and sustainable supply chain.

    Simon is a keen outdoor enthusiast and likes to walk, climb and ski whenever he gets the chance. He has travelled extensively, leads expeditions around the world and is a qualified mountain leader and climbing instructor.

  • Pip

    Pip the dog is our mascot and beloved member of the team here at Littlestone Coffee. With us since the start she is well-versed in the art of roasting a small batch of coffee perfectly although she obviously prefers water to coffee! Pip is our champion of the great outdoors as she ensures we take a break from the office and roasting room every day to enjoy the amazing Devon coast and countryside that we are so lucky to be surrounded by here in Exeter.

    Outside of the Littlestone Coffee office, Pip enjoys nothing more than a hike through the woods up on Exmoor or a run on the beach. She teaches us every day about the wonder of nature and how important it is to respect the planet and the wildlife and animals that live alongside us.