Our Coffee Beans

We use only the finest green Arabica coffee beans from around the world imported on our behalf by trusted coffee bean suppliers from traceable sources. We aim to visit the farms personally to meet the farmers and to look at growing and working conditions.

Coffee Beans

Each month we sample and cup various seasonal coffees from around the world before choosing one or more as our subscription coffee. Once we have chosen one we then work on finding the right roasting profile for the coffee to ensure it tastes the best it can! Alongside our best subscription coffees we offer seasonal single origin coffees from our sustainable coffee bean suppliers to buy through our website, wholesalers and retailers. In general we don’t have many blends as we like to let the individual coffees showcase themselves (although we may offer the odd one around special occasions)! However we do have our Littlestone espresso that was blended to be especially suited to espresso style coffees.

We don’t believe that flavour needs to be the victim of the decaffeination process. As a result we use equally good single origin coffee beans for our decaf coffee as we do for our standard coffee and use a bespoke roasting profile to bring out the very best qualities of the bean. We only use beans that have been decaffeinated using a natural water method – no chemicals!