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Getting Into Coffee

I always used to be a tea drinker. So when Jack, my partner, decided to set up a coffee roasting business I realised my taste buds would have to get use to trying a lot of coffee. I have always enjoyed the taste of certain coffees, and of course the smell like most people! I […]

Coffee Doughnuts Recipe

Coffee Doughnuts

Everyone loves a doughnut and everyone loves coffee (well i’m assuming if you’re reading this then you do anyway!). So we thought we would share a little coffee doughnut recipe that combines two of life’s best things!

Focus On: Daterra


Daterra (Brazil) The Daterra farm is a coffee farm with a difference. It may not be the small type of farm that we often buy our coffee from (in fact it’s pretty huge), however they are able to focus on quality just like a much smaller concern while at the same time pushing the boundaries