Introducing our two latest arrivals:


Burundi Rubanda

The first of our two new arrivals is from the Rubanda washing station in the Mutambu region of Burundi. The region supports around 10,000 coffee farmers each farming tiny areas of land at around 1 hectare each. Our particular coffee comes from the Ntobo farmers group, which consists of around 400 members. The keen attention to detail shown by both the farmers and the washing station has resulted in a lovely coffee with honey aromas and flavours of both caramel and red fruits.


El Salvador Cerro Las Ranas

The San Francisco farm that produces the Cerro Las Ranas is one of the most significant farms in the Apaneca-llamatepec area. The farm utilises an uncommon semi-washed technique for processing their coffee and this in turn gives rise to the pleasing caramel aroma and chocolate notes.The highest part of the reserve is also home to a unique lagoon that is home to thousands of frogs, these frogs can be seen on much of the branding from the farm!