Getting Into Coffee

Filtered Coffee

I always used to be a tea drinker. So when Jack, my partner, decided to set up a coffee roasting business I realised my taste buds would have to get use to trying a lot of coffee.

I have always enjoyed the taste of certain coffees, and of course the smell like most people! I soon discovered from trying a variety of coffees that the element of some coffees I don’t like is the bitter note at the end of a relatively strong coffee.

Now I know this is what some people love about coffee, that bitter strong coffee kick, but from speaking to people at the food markets we do, lots of people feel the same as me. They want a full bodied coffee with lots of flavour but not that bitter taste at the end of a sip.

The way I use to get around this was by adding a spoonful of sugar, but from being a ‘chief taste tester’ for littlestone I discovered it’s all about choosing the right coffee for you. I needed to choose a coffee which has tasting notes of chocolate, caramel, or fruit.

I now have dropped the sugar altogether ( which is also great from a health benefit) by choosing the right littlestone coffee for me.  My favourite seasonal coffee at the moment is Ethiopian Guji.

I didn’t use to understand the importance of tasting notes before, but they do the really make such a difference. You may not be able to really pick out a chocolate flavour but you know it implies that its sweeter, or an element of lemons but you know there is a fresh kick. However if you take coffee without milk the tasting notes will come through more.

Now I know the right cup of coffee for me. Have a browse through the speciality coffees Littlestone offer to discover the right coffee for you.