Focus On: Daterra


Daterra (Brazil)

The Daterra farm is a coffee farm with a difference. It may not be the small type of farm that we often buy our coffee from (in fact it’s pretty huge), however they are able to focus on quality just like a much smaller concern while at the same time pushing the boundaries of coffee growing. Whether that’s improving the quality of the coffee beans, becoming as sustainable as possible or working out how to best benefit the surrounding community by utilising the coffee growing industry.

Based in the Cerrado region of Brazil the Daterra (meaning from the earth) farm has a huge focus on growing coffee that is both sustainable and ethically produced. They were the first coffee farm in Brazil to be recognised by the Rainforest Alliance and have won various other awards and certifications to do with sustainability. They have also recently run a summer school for underprivileged children in the local area to teach them life skills alongside coffee growing techniques.

So far we buy only one coffee (Daterra Sunrise) that comes from the Daterra Farm, however it is a very important one for us! I have no doubt we will continue to not only buy that one but delve into the other treats they have in store!