Colombia Pico de Aguila & Papa New Guinea Enorga A

Introducing our two latest arrivals, the Pico de Aguila from Colombia and the Enorga A from Papua New Guinea.

Colombia Pico de Aguila

Pico de Aguila is located in the Honduras reserve just east of Popayan in Colombia. There are currently 316 families involved in coffee farming (each farming on average 1 hectare of coffee) within the region and are now part of Cencoic (Central Coopertiva Indigena del Cauca). The Cencoic cooperative comprises of a number of Indigenous reserves within the Cauca region and as a group export coffee around the world.

The Cauca region was for a long time extremely dangerous due to armed conflict raging in the area, however those days are now gone and there is a concerted drive to improve the livelihoods of the people living within the region. There are reserves that were previously ‘no-go’ areas that are now accessible and are now in turn working with Cencioc to improve the quality of their crop to ensure that it is fit for export.

The region is incredibly fertile and coffee is grown in and among a large variety of other crops such as Sugar, Plantain, Pineapple and Lemon and the close proximity to these plants results in a rich variety of coffee profiles being produced within the area.

Papa New Guinea Enorga A

The Enorga A comes from the Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative Ltd (HOAC) in the Purosa region in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. It was established to develop a dedicated approach to growing organic and Fairtrade certified products. This approach has allowed the growers to achieve higher prices for their coffee. The Co-operative currently supports 2604 farmers spread across 32 villages who in turn support up to 12000 family members, which only emphasises the importance that coffee farming has on the local community. Another 5000 growers are expected to sign up with the HOAC within the next few years.