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Coffee Processing

  On all of our coffees, whether its retail bags, subscription packs or wholesale, we comment on the method in which that particular coffee has been processed. This may seem like a small, largely irrelevant piece of information but it has a big effect on the taste of your coffee. This is a quick breakdown […]

Colombia Pico de Aguila & Papa New Guinea Enorga A

Introducing our two latest arrivals, the Pico de Aguila from Colombia and the Enorga A from Papua New Guinea. Colombia Pico de Aguila Pico de Aguila is located in the Honduras reserve just east of Popayan in Colombia. There are currently 316 families involved in coffee farming (each farming on average 1 hectare of coffee) […]

Gems of Araku

  Our Indian Gems of Araku hails from the Araku valley in the Eastern Ghats of the Andhra Pradesh region and is populated by some of the oldest indigenous tribes in India. Coffee was introduced to the region in 1920, however until recent years the growth of coffee trees in the region has not been […]

What we mean by ‘sustainably and ethically sourced’…

As you may have seen on our website/bags/cards etc. we mention the fact that our coffees are ‘sustainably and ethically sourced’. However we make no mention of fair trade, although some of our coffees are fairtrade certified, so this blog should hopefully clear things up a bit! One of the biggest issues we have with […]

Introducing our two latest arrivals:

  Burundi Rubanda The first of our two new arrivals is from the Rubanda washing station in the Mutambu region of Burundi. The region supports around 10,000 coffee farmers each farming tiny areas of land at around 1 hectare each. Our particular coffee comes from the Ntobo farmers group, which consists of around 400 members. […]