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How to Store Your Coffee Beans

Coffee Bean Storage

You’ve been online and bought a bag of the very best, freshly roasted, Littlestone coffee beans. Well done! We’ve then done our bit and sent your new beans on their merry way to your door. All good so far. Next, beans are ground, coffee is brewing, and everything’s rosy, but what do with the rest of your beautiful new beans?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just read on and see what we think is the best way to store your coffee and why.

First things first, don’t buy too much! This depends on how much of a caffeine fiend you are. If you drink a cup every now and then buy a 225g bag. Drinking 3 cups a day, buy a kilo or two. It may sound obvious but it doesn’t take coffee long to begin going stale, so buy what you think you will drink within a few weeks. Why not take out a coffee subscription to make sure you always get a fresh bag of beans through the door.

Secondly, if you have a grinder, buy beans. Beans stay fresher WAY longer than preground. For a bit more info on whether you should buy a grinder then just have a look here.

Finally, get yourself a decent airtight container and store your coffee in there. A decent one will help protect your beans from its nemesis, oxygen. Exposure to oxygen causes the coffee to stale, which in turn, causes flavour and aroma to degrade.