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How to Make Great Coffee at Home

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How to Make Coffee Taste Better at Home

For many, enjoying a cup of coffee at home will usually mean one of two things. 1. A cup of instant or 2. A badly made cafetière. Now one of these can result in a great cup of coffee (hint, it’s not the instant). However, what you make at home can be so much better.

We will have a look at some of the key things you can do to make a great tasting coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen. Some are more important than others and most can be taken in isolation and will still help you to improve the quality of the overall drink.

Invest in Your Equipment

To make a cup of coffee taste great then you need something to make said drink with. Most homes in the UK will have access to a cafetière (How to use a cafetière). However, there are lots of other devices you can choose from.

If you enjoy a lighter, cleaner coffee then potentially look at a simple, relatively cheap options such as a V60 or an Aeropress.

Or if you like something more full-bodied, that will really stand up to a good glug of milk, then your trusty cafetière or a stovetop might be more up your street.

If your feeling particularly fancy pants then there is a whole swath of espresso machines designed for home use. However, this is not such a cheap option…

It doesn’t matter what you go for, each one can produce a fantastic drink.

Grind Your Own Beans

If you want your coffee to really pop then whenever possible try and buy beans and freshly roasted ones at that. Beans hold their flavour for longer and allow you to grind them to suit whatever brew method you have chosen.

If you do buy ground try and make sure the roasted on date is as recent as possible. The best way to do that is to buy from an independent speciality roaster such as ourselves. As a rule, speciality roasters will not have coffee sitting around on the shelves for long. Therefore anything you are getting your hands on should have been roasted recently.

Weigh Your Coffee

This may seem both over the top and unnecessary. However, it takes seconds to do and almost everyone will already have a set of scales they can make use of. The benefit of weighing your coffee means you can get the right ratio of coffee to water for your chosen brewing method. By doing this it should result in consistently great cups of coffee.