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Office Coffee

Office Coffee

It’s a bit of a cliché but its undoubtedly true that the majority of coffee consumed in offices is junk. Most likely someone has done a run to the local shop, or tagged it on to an order for paper, and ended up buying the cheapest/closest bag of coffee to hand. Weird, because if you wanted a super quick and easy way to treat employees then upping the quality of your coffee is an obvious route to take. (We are 100% unbiased here, honest).

We supply coffee to offices around the country. From small 1-2 person offices to huge 100+ employee companies. The way they buy there coffee differs, but what doesn’t is the positive feedback they get from their employees. So how can we help you up your coffee game?

Office Coffee Subscription

Our office coffee subscription is by far the easiest way for smaller businesses to get great tasting, seasonal coffee on a regular basis. You can choose what size pack you would like. Whether you get weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries or if you would like it in whole bean or ground. Once you have chosen this all you need to do is make sure you have your coffee making weapon of choice. Cafetiere? Classic. Bean to cup? Fancy. Aeropress? Someone’s definitely getting into their beans. But the most important thing is you will be receiving great tasting, 100% Arabica coffee, from small family run farms growing coffee all over the world.

Wholesale Coffee

If you are a larger office and think you will be going through more than 2kg’s a week then we can supply you coffee on a wholesale basis. We find that companies such as these often prefer to pick a particular coffee that suits the majority of their employees and then stick with it. In this we can work with you to find the best coffee for your needs. If you would like to chat this over then get in touch and we can send you any samples/info you may need.