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Great Taste Awards 2019

Great Taste Award Littlestone Coffee

Great taste winners!

We are delighted to be able to say that two more of our coffees are now award winning with 1 star great taste awards from the guild of fine foods this year. Out of all the food awards out there the great taste awards are by some distance the most sought after. Our two winning coffees this year are our Elemental Espresso and Costa Rica Decaf.

Elemental Espresso

Our Elemental Espresso is the second espresso blend that we created here at Littlestone Coffee Roasters. We wanted the Elemental Espresso to be something a little different and we are delighted that the judges agreed. They found the espresso came through with blueberries to the forefront and a bright fruity acidity, that when cut with milk gave way to a pleasing sugary sweetness.

Costa Rica Decaf

To have an award winning Decaf is something we feel is a great achievement. Even more so when from the Guild of Fine Foods. So often an after thought as a coffee offering, we wanted it to stand out in its own right. The judges commented that the it came through with notes of stewed fruits and plums, which gave way to a dark chocolate finish. Sounds good to us!