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African Coffees

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Africa is the birthplace of coffee, it was thought to have been discovered in Ethiopia around the year 850. At some point it was discovered that it was possible to roast the beans over a fire. These were then seeped in water to produce the first versions of the drink we love today. By the 15th century coffee was being cultivated in several areas around Africa including Yemen.

Although African coffees have many different characteristics depending on where they have been grown in, there are some common notes that you would expect to find in many African beans. You can expect to find lots of fruity and floral notes coming through in the cup alongside a nice acidity. This is why so many consumers enjoy these coffees made through filter methods as well as black.

You get both washed and natural processed coffees from all over Africa and these are then dried on African beds. These keep the coffee of the ground while allowing good air circulation. The air circulation allows for a consistent and evenly dried coffee bean and keeping them off the ground during the drying period can help ensure the coffee is clean and is free of foreign bodies.

African coffees are classics and rightly so, as a result we always try and keep one on our offering list. At this moment of time we have our Kenyan Zawadi Peaberry on offer, which has proven consistently popular and has recently won a great taste award!