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We can recycle your coffee bags

Recycle Littlestone Coffee bags

For a while now we have been trying to work out how we can improve the environmental impact that we have here at Littlestone Coffee. We feel that it is an issue that the coffee industry has in general which is slowly being addressed.

We have explored all sorts of different options for our bags, but they all have their failings. At the moment the technology is just not there to produce a 100% recyclable or biodegradable bags that still enables us to keep the coffee fresh and safe while we get it sent out to our customers.

As a result, the option we have decided to go with is to team up with Terracycle and have a Coffee Bags Zero Waste Box within our roastery where our customers can either drop off or send us their empty coffee bags. In turn, once it is full, we send it on to Terracycle who specialise in recycling hard to recycle products. We also offer the option to our local wholesale customers to collect empty bags in house and we can then arrange a pick up and bring them back to recycle.

We know this is not an ideal or long-term solution and it costs us to do it, however we feel that it’s worth it. If we all make these small changes, it can have a big difference.

Once the packaging industry finally crack it, we will be there at the front of the queue to replace our current packaging with the most environmentally friendly packaging we can get our hands on.

So feel free to pop in with your empty bags, slip them through our letterbox or chuck them in the post and we will get them into our lovely new box and on to be recycled!