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Brew Guide: V60

V60 Brew Guide

A simple and great value piece of coffee kit. A V60 is a great way to up your coffee game!

1. Insert a filter paper into the V60 and put on top of your cup. Pour over boiling water to rinse through the filter and then empty the water from your cup.
2. Pop the V60 back on the cup, coarsely grind around 18g of coffee (we think the Kenya Zawadi Peaberry is tasting amazing at the moment) and pour into the filter paper.
3. Pour over just enough water to saturate the coffee, and the leave for around 20 seconds for the coffee to bloom. (you will see the coffee bubble up)
4. After 20 seconds you can start to pour in the rest of your water, do this in parts so you do not overfill the V60. Try and pouring slowly in circles, starting small in the centre of the coffee and gradually getting larger towards the outside of the V60.
5. Continue this process until you have filled your cup full of delicious coffee (around 250ml). The whole brewing process should take around 4 minutes.
6. Enjoy!